1. How will I benefit from a debt relief plan?

When you are in debt and have to repay loans to multiple creditors who have loaned you money, you have to pay back numerous loans and their various interests. Several thousands of people find themselves in this situation, year after year. But you are not alone. We understand your financial worries. With our debt relief plan in place, your debts can be re-organised. That means your old debts and interest rates are not valid anymore. Instead, you pay your creditors less than what you owed them initially at lower interest rates. We help hundreds of families repay their debts quickly and easily every year.

You don’t have to worry about getting involved with the process. At HKPDRC, our expert team will review your current debt status and draw out a new repayment plan for each of your creditors. Then, we will present these individual debt relief plans to each creditor and convince each of them individually of the new repayment plan. The method we restructure for you will consider your current earnings, your monthly expenditure, and how much you can repay each creditor comfortably while leaving some money for your monthly family expenditure. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your creditors. You get to repay a much smaller debt sum while your creditors get back at least some of what you owe them under the DRP HK plan.

Another benefit of the debt relief plan in Hong Kong is that you won’t have to step into any court to get the project approved. That means no court fees, no lawyer fees, and no embarrassment of visiting the courts on account of debt repayment hassles.     

If unpaid loans can lead to losing your job, you don’t have to worry. When you are on the DRP HK plan, your employee is not intimated of your financial problems, and you can continue working at your current job.