2. How does HKPDRC help with Interbank Debt Relief Plans?

We at the Hong Kong Professional Debt Relief Centre believe that every solution must end in a win-win situation for lenders and borrowers. When you approach us with your IDRP Hong Kong application, we thoroughly scrutinise your financial situation and how much you can comfortably afford to pay toward your debt repayment regularly (every month).

Our team will create a suitable repayment plan proposal based on your financial status. We will present this new proposal to your largest lender (the creditor). It is a critical stage of proposing the lender takes charge of all your loans and then negotiating a loan repayment plan that this lender is happy with. It’s a delicate and tricky stage, but our expert teams have decades of experience in carrying out and handling these negotiations.

Once our team negotiates a loan repayment plan, loan repayment amount, interest rate, and period, the interbank debt relief plan is implemented.